Reasons Why You should Drink Warm Turmeric Water Daily

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Turmeric, or what is also known as Curcuma longa, is a common herb that you can buy in any grocery store. It is also called Queen of Spices because of its strong flavour, golden colour, and peppery aroma. It is one of the herbs that are found in kitchens all over the planet.

Aside from its culinary use, turmeric is also known to have many health benefits due to the nutrients it contains that include dietary fibre, vitamin E, potassium, copper, calcium, iron, vitamin K, vitamin C, protein, zinc, and magnesium. These factors make turmeric the best home remedy for various health problems. Below are some of the reasons why you should drink turmeric water daily.

Prevents Cancer

In addition to preventing prostate cancer, Turmeric can also destroy and limit the growth of existing cancer cells. Several studies have concluded that the active ingredients in turmeric make it the best protector against tumours due to radiation.

Relieves Arthritis

The herb has anti-inflammatory properties that make it effective in treating rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Turmeric also contains antioxidants that get rid of free radicals in the body. People who drink turmeric water on a regular basis get relief from pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis.

Improve Immunity

Turmeric contains lip polysaccharide that can enhance the immune system of the body. Its antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties also improve the strength of the immune system.

Treat Diabetes

It can also be used to treat diabetes because it can control your insulin levels. It also increases the effects of the medications you take for the disease. Not only that, it lowers the resistance to insulin that can help prevent type 2 diabetes.

Heals Wounds

Turmeric is a natural antiseptic that can be used to disinfect wounds. If you have a cut, you can apply turmeric powder on the affected area to improve the healing process.

Lower Cholesterol Level

According to studies, turmeric can reduce serum cholesterol levels. High cholesterol levels can result to serious health problems. By controlling your cholesterol levels, you can prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Weight Loss

If you want to maintain your weight, drink turmeric water every day. It helps increase the flow of bile, which is a vital part of breaking down fat in the diet. A teaspoon of turmeric powder each meal can also help in treating obesity and other diseases associated with being overweight.

Prevent Alzheimer ’s disease

Turmeric helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease by reducing the plaque build-up in the brain, which will improve the flow of oxygen to it. By drinking turmeric water daily, you will be able to slow down the progression of the disease as well.

Prevent Liver Disease

Another reason to drink turmeric water is to prevent liver diseases. The herb acts as a natural liver detoxifier that also improves blood circulation. This will help maintain good health of the liver.

Better Digestion

Lastly, drinking turmeric water can stimulate the gallbladder to produce bile that can improve your digestion. It also lowers the risks of gas and swelling.


To get the most out of turmeric water, you should use the recipe below. You will need:


  • 8 ounces of water
  • 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder
  • One teaspoon of honey


Heat the water just below its boiling temperature. Then pour the water in a cup and put the turmeric in it. Stir until mixed thoroughly.

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