Turmeric for Alzheimer’s

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Treating Alzheimer's with turmeric

Treating Alzheimer’s with turmeric

Alzheimer’s is a neurodegenerative disease or condition that is characterized by loss of memory, mood swings, aggressiveness, depression and reduced cognitive functioning. The disease normally affects the elderly by having their drain cells degenerating. The nerve degeneration aspect of the disease makes it hard to cure which is why many people rely on medication that reduces the degeneration and increases brain cell growth. Turmeric is one of the compounds that has resulted in significant improvement in patients with Alzheimer’s after consuming it.

How It Works

Turmeric works through its active compound called the curcurmin. The first mechanism of action is by destroying the Amyloid Beta Cells. These cells are the ones responsible for the myelin sheath degeneration which results in massive Neuro-degeneration. When they are actively depleted and destroyed, all the symptoms of Alzheimer’s are going to be eliminated, and the patient would feel better again. A lot of studies have been conducted where patients are made to consume Turmeric while others are not and fortunately, the ones under Turmeric improve faster than the ones who are only on pharmaceutical medication.

The second mechanism of Action is through a chemical called Tumerone. This is a very powerful chemical that is known to stimulate the growth of brain cells and improve the strength of the myelin sheath of the nerves. Alzheimer’s, as described earlier, can be curbed when a mechanism to restore nerve intactness and integrity is found. Using Turmeric is one of them. When brain cells keep on growing, it means the person would have his or her cognitive function restored again. The reason why Alzheimer’s is less in the Western countries is because of the higher consumption of Turmeric.

Functions of the Turmeric

What should you expect from an Alzheimer’s patient who consumes Turmeric, how would you know he or she is improving? First, the patient would experience perfect memory of taught things. The patient would have a perfect reasoning, and he or she would always be smiling and friendly instead of being aggressive and depressed. If mixed with pharmaceutical Alzheimer’s medication, the patient would easily recover and feel okay within a short period.

The Challenge

Turmeric needs to be absorbed in high amounts in the body for it to work well. Unfortunately, it is quickly broken down the moment you drink it. To mitigate this and get sufficient amount, you have to drink frequently and large amounts so that your body can absorb as maximum amount as possible. This way, it would be easy for you to recover quickly. Take note that as a health supplement, it should not be relied upon as the ultimate cure of Alzheimer’s disease.




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