Turmeric Extract Can Reverse Diabetes

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Turmeric Extract Can Reverse Diabetes


Turmeric can be used for diabetes

Gradually, the world is now starting to realise that Diabetes cannot just be prevented, but it can also be reversed.  Other known drugs used to suppress and manage the disease can be fatal.  For instance, a study reveals that GMO insulin that is used in managing type 2 diabetes can result in the development of double diabetes.  Clearly, if the drug remedy is doing more harm than good, the next step is to find the best viable solution.  While organic substance such as gymnema sylvestre and cinnamon have been receiving a lot of attention, a unique plant extract clearly stands out from the rest of the proposed solution; turmeric extract.


The Power of Turmeric Extract to Prevent and Reverse Diabetes


The main element of turmeric is polyphenol curcumin which has been proven to regulate the amount of sugar in our blood.  A study published on the journal of ADA (American Diabetic Association) revealed that the turmeric extract has 100% potency to prevent pre-diabetes symptoms in progressing into type 2 diabetes.


However, it was also recently studies that it may also contain properties that will more than just prevent the type 2 diabetes.  According to research, turmeric extract also shows that it has a therapeutic role in reversing the damage in our pancreas.  Individuals who are insulin dependent and have been told that there is no way to reverse their condition are starting to see some glint of light.  People who are suffering from the condition of type 1 diabetes are not commonly told that the cause of their health issue can now be repaired.  This means that the auto immune condition and beta cells of our pancreas can be repaired.


The study about the property of polyphenol curcumin of the turmeric extract to address the root cause of diabetes type 1 has started way back in 2013 by using lab rats.  The diabetic specimens that were given 53.21% water soluble curcumin for a period of 40 days have shown a massive improvement on their C-peptide levels, insulin and plasma glucose.  The improvement was noticed 4 months after the clinical study, and their condition was further enhanced after 10 months.


The immunomodulatory benefit of curcumin is contingent upon its ability to reduce the activity of the immune system of individuals with such condition.  In a separate study which was published last 2014, curcumin of the turmeric extract has been found to have the capacity to regulate the response of T cells which destroy beta cell found in our pancreas.  This ultimately improves the condition of the type 1 diabetes or what they called the autoimmune.


As the study on the turmeric extract progress, the value of the natural substances when it comes to management and treatment of disease will become undeniable.  The future of the drug industry will rely on the natural arts of medicine during the ancient time.

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