Three Ways That Turmeric Helps With Reducing Cholesterol

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Three Ways That Turmeric Helps With Reducing Cholesterol

Turmeric can reduce cholestrol


High cholesterol is a common health concern around the world. Cholesterol in the right amount is not damaging to your health because it is the outer lining of all cells, and it is vital for us. We get cholesterol from foods like meat, dairy, fish, and poultry. The body does need cholesterol; the problem is that many people eat too much food that has cholesterol. When we eat too much cholesterol, it builds up on the blood vessel walls. This puts the person at risk of a heart attack or stroke.


Luckily, there are foods and spices that can help lower the amount of cholesterol stored in the body. Turmeric contains curcumin, which is one of the best natural fighters of cholesterol. Here is how turmeric helps with reducing cholesterol.


  1. Prevents Cholesterol from Oxidation


LDL is known to be the bad cholesterol and is what builds up inside of the blood vessels. When it is being transported around the body, LDL cholesterol becomes oxidised. Oxidised cholesterol is heavier, so it sticks to the blood vessel walls. Over time the cholesterol builds up in areas and causes heart disease. Turmeric helps with this because it reduces the amount of extra oxygen in the blood while reducing the ability of the cholesterol to oxidise. There are studies that show turmeric was also found to reduce the levels of existing oxidised cholesterol levels.


  1. Increase Cholesterol Metabolism of the Liver


The liver is a filter that works to remove excess nutrients that the body does not need. This includes cholesterol, but the liver can only remove so much. So, cholesterol that is not removed by the liver, and cannot be used at the moment, is stored. This stored cholesterol is what causes problems within the blood vessels. Curcumin in turmeric has been shown in testing to increase the amount of cholesterol that the liver is able process. There are other studies that show that turmeric can also be used to help repair damaged liver cells.

  1. Anti-Platelet


Turmeric and curcumin both have anti-platelet effects. This could help people who have atherosclerosis. Being anti-platelet means, that less blood cells can be stuck to the cholesterol on other blood vessels, which lowers the risk of heart attacks. This effect, paired with the liver being better able to remove cholesterol from the body, lowers the risk of heart problems in most people in a short time period and without huge diet changes.


Fighting cholesterol is mostly done using diet and medication. However, with more research being done on natural remedies like turmeric, there are more options for treatment. Adding turmeric into your diet can help with your overall cholesterol levels, while providing you with other health benefits, like an improved immune system.

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