Reasons Coconut Oil has Become Very Popular across the Globe

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Coconut oil for health

Coconut oil for health

Coconut oil that is derived from the coconut fruit popular in the tropical areas has become an answer to many health issues. Skin infections, illness, cancer and diabetes among others are said to improve with the consumption of coconut oil. It’s very beneficial to the hair, nails, skin and general health that is the reason it is popular used in cooking.

Improve your Overall Health Using Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a natural way to improve your oral health and prevent future issues. You can do oil pulling for about 20 minutes regularly or put a bit of the oil on your toothbrush when brushing. This will keep the bacterial causing cavities and improve the general health.

Ingest Coconut Oil to Fight Health Conditions

Coconut oil makes you very energetic as it is known to improve metabolism and reduce pain such as during menstruation in women. It improves Candida, HIV and cancer symptoms, helps in burning of calories and helps in weight loss. There are a multitude of benefits that comes with the oil that you can never get enough. It enhances your immune system and metabolism.

Use Organic Oil for Beauty Purposes

Due to the health benefits of coconut oil, it’s widely used as a beauty product. Some use it in place of a highlighter, massage oil, personal lubricant and a makeup remover. When mixed with sugar, coconut oil is a safe exfoliate. To rejuvenate the skin and leave it feeling softer, apply coconut oil before taking a shower. This will leave your skin looking and feeling healthier.

How to Choose Coconut Oil

The best coconut oil which is the unrefined type has a faint smell. When you smell it, it should not have a nutty or roasted smell. The unrefined type is deodorised, heated and bleached removing all the nutrients found in a coconut fruit. It does not have the smell of coconuts and it usually tasteless. When coconut oil is in solid form, it’s white in colour while above 30 degrees Celsius it’s colourless.

How to Store Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has a shelf life of up to 2 years when store properly. It should be in a dark bottle and should be protected from direct light such as sunlight or fire.

Improving your well-being in a natural way is the best thing you can do for your health. There is no need to put your health at risk when you can safely use unrefined coconut oil safely both internally and externally. It is not necessarily that you be dealing with health issues, but you can embrace using the oil regularly. Use organic coconut oil for the most benefits.


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