The Power of Turmeric against Diarrhoea

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Turmeric against Diarrhoea

Turmeric against Diarrhoea

You probably know turmeric as the main ingredient in your curry dishes; but did you know that it is also being utilised on alternative medicine due to its powerful properties.  Some people are applying it on their skin in order to get rid of their adverse skin conditions.  You may also ingest it to address various ailments such as diarrhoea.  In addition, it can also decrease the related symptoms such as ulcerative colitis and irritable bowel syndrome.

Diarrhoea and Turmeric

Diarrhoea can be triggered by various factors.  In general cases, it can be due to the fluid related with digestion.  An adequate fluid in our digestive track helps in breaking down the food that we ingest and turning them into an energy that our body can use.    Some of them will be produced by our body and they can also be ingested.  In case our body, produced too much fluid it will possibly lead to diarrhoea.  Turmeric has the ability to balance the amount of fluid in our body during digestion.

There are also instances that diarrhoea can be caused by bacteria such as Salmonella.  Fortunately, Turmeric contains a powerful antiseptic property that can immediately provide us a relief against this condition.  It does not only eliminate the presence of bacteria in our digestive tract, but it can also prevent the formation of bacteria.  Having an adequate supply of turmeric can also ensure that our digestive system is working properly.

Aside from adding it on our curry, there are more ways on how you can ingest turmeric.  One of the most popular methods nowadays is to add them in your drinking water.  One teaspoon of turmeric powder can also be added into your yogurt or milk.  But if you are lactose intolerant, your digestive problem can get worse.  Herbal tea and food supplements are also available to ensure your stable supply of turmeric.

It is highly important to ingest the proper dose of turmeric, or your condition can get worse.  In case you have problems about the proper dosage, your health care provider can guide you on the right amount of dosage suitable for your condition.

Turmeric also has a lot of health benefits aside from curing diarrhoea.  It has potent elements that can treat kidney stone, inflammation, and infection.  Study shows that it also has properties that can prevent cancer.  It is also effective against various skin conditions, headache, fibromyalgia, jaundice, hepatitis, arthritis and stomach upset.

Before you use turmeric to treat any illness, be sure to consult your physician first.  There are instance where using turmeric can lead to complications especially for those who are undergoing chemotherapy.  Those who have acid reflux, stomach ulcers and gallstone should also avoid turmeric to prevent any negative interaction.


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