Horse sarcoids treated with turmeric

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Horse sarcoid treated with turmeric

Case study of Ellie: Treating a sarcoid with tumeric

Ellie is a six year old 15.3hh Thoroughbred ex-racehorse who developed a sarcoid on her face near her eye in the summer of 2015.  When it first appeared her owner thought she had rubbed her face.  It was dry and scaly but didn’t seem to bother Ellie.  Her owner added golden paste to her concentrate feed twice per day, which Ellie accepted quickly. At first molasses was added to hide the smell and taste of the turmeric.  The sarcoid slowly began drying out and flaking off in small patches.   After around 10 weeks of having turmeric added to her feed the sarcoid had disappeared completely.  Nothing was applied topically.  Ellie cotinued to have turmeric added to her feed to hopefully prevent further sarcoids appearing and to date she has had no more sarcoids.







Case study of Charlie: Using Golden Paste to Remove a Sarcoid

Equine sarcoid

Charlie is an 11 year old Welsh section D who competes successfully in Pony Club show jumping and dressage.  He had a sarcoid near his withers which was successfully treated with tumeric golden paste in his feed and turmeric topically applied. Although he didn’t seem bothered by the sarcoid, its location meant that if it had developed further it could have posed a problem for his ridden career as it could have rubbed on his saddle cloth when he was ridden.  The topical application involved mixing turmeric with sudocream and rubbing it onto the sarcoid twice per day.  The sudocream helped it stick.  As a greedy Welsh pony Charlie was happy to eat the golden paste!  Charlie’s sarcoid also disappeared after around four months and he has been sarcoid free ever since.

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Hello, my name is Vicki and I have a keen interest in alternative remedies and complementary therapies and in particular their use in animals. This site was created to enable me to research the health and well-being benefits of turmeric.

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