Getting Rid of Colds and Flu with Turmeric

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Turmeric for colds and flu

Turmeric for colds and flu

Colds and Flu are viral infections that are characterised by running nose, fever, headaches and sometimes general body weakness. There is no ultimate medication from the pharmacy that you can use but just rely on the home remedies. In many times, people have been using ginger, honey, lemon, hot water and cayenne to relieve themselves from the disrupting symptoms of colds and flu. But the good news is that there is Turmeric which can help you to get relieved of the symptoms of colds and flu if applied well and as required.

Use Turmeric Milk Not Turmeric Tea

You might have been using Turmeric for long, but you have not seen any typical efficiency that makes it better than the other products of its likes. Turmeric is supposed to work well because research from the UK and US health institutions have proven its healing power in the colds and flu sickness. For it to work perfectly, it needs to be absorbed in high amounts in the body so that it penetrates the tissues in sufficient amounts to curb the pathogen spread. Turmeric has low bioavailability when mixed with tea which is why your body finds it hard to absorb the sufficient amount that it requires to heal.

To increase the bioavailability of Turmeric in the body, you would be required to mix it with either fat or black pepper. These are the two components that allow the Turmeric to circulate free in the body making your body to absorb it maximally. Owing to this, taking it with warm milk is highly recommended.

How it Works to Cure Cold and Flu

During cold and flu, there is a lot of inflammation and fluid production which rationalise the running nose, headaches and body weakness. When these effects are ceased through whichever way, the person is relieved. Sometimes the infection or sickness is self-limiting, but you wouldn’t be in a position to withstand the pain and disruption coming from the symptoms. Turmeric works by reducing and stopping inflammation, reducing the virus multiplication and ensuring that your inflammatory cells work in moderation. In so doing, you are not going to experience running nose, pain or body weakness.

How to Make Your Cup of Turmeric Milk

Get a cup of milk; it could be cow milk, coconut milk or any kind of milk as long as it has fats. Put one table spoon of Turmeric after you have heated your milk in the Microwave. You can add honey and other therapeutically fruits but first, make sure that you add Turmeric. Make sure that you take frequent drinks because the more you take, the higher the speed of healing.


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